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Countdown to Murder Series

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The true story of a South Carolina dynasty named Murdaugh and the five strange deaths surrounding this powerful family. The double murders of Paul and Maggie Murdaugh spawned an international sensation and a trial that rivaled O.J. 

   Beneath the surface lurked other murders that had been buried beneath the tidal planes of the low county in the manner of secrets, subterfuge, and fear.  Three murders are still unsolved: a young man found beaten to death in the middle of a back country road, a beautiful young woman just beginning her life is hurled from a speeding boat, and the Murdaugh's housekeeper who fell mysteriously at their home. Whisperings of other possible crimes linked to this family fuel coffee house gossip in the small town of Hampton, South Carolina.

    To add to the wake of crime, Alex Murdaugh stands accused of over 90 charges for insurance fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking and more.

    Read this non-fiction account packed with photos, trial transcripts, exclusive interviews, new evidence, maps and timelines.  You won't believe this incredible saga.

Countdown to Murder Hupp.jpg

She was an average house flipper in a small town near St. Louis. She became one of the few female serial killers in history. In the name of greed she killed three people, including her best friend, a total stranger, and her own mother. Her murdered friend's husband would go to prison for over three years for a crime he did not commit, after Pam Hupp staged the crime scene and buried him in lies to law enforcement. It was all done for the life insurance money and to protect herself from going to prison.

   Due to the tenacity of one lawyer, and the others who would follow suit in the investigations of the other murder cases, she now sits in prison for one crime, and is due for a new trial in another.

    This is the story that spawned Dateline's most popular podcast, "The Thing About Pam" and the hit mini-series of the same name. The hours Pam Hupp spent planning the deaths of others is hard to fathom.

    It is a story so twisted and bizarre, you'll think it's fiction.  Tragically, it's all true.

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