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I was raised in a rather unusual environment.  My mother owned a successful modeling agency in Salt Lake City.  I was on a runway by the time I was 5, teaching modeling by age 16, and helping women find confidence and a core of self-worth, by my early 20's.  The fashion industry also gave me a background in creating special events.

   I have made my living as a professional muralist, motivational speaker, TV Talk Show Host, and author.  I majored in journalism and art in college, and find joy in creating, using both brush and keyboard.

   Writing about historic places with paranormal activity is a passion of mine.  Their history is fascinating...what I call the "bones" of the place.  From there you begin to understand the hauntings that typically list the places I write about in the top 10 most-haunted venues in the world.  I research them extensively, spend the nights in their shadowed bedrooms, and interview the owners, staff, and customers to create the most comprehensive book I can.  I was featured on Coast to Coast Am with George Noory for a 2-hour interview with 3 million people listening in.  What a thrill!  From there I've been featured on countless radio programs and TV shows.  It's always such a blessing to be included in their forums.

    I have recently segued into the field of True Crime. It was a natural extension for my love of mystery.  Countdown to Murder: Pam Hupp is now on sale, and Countdown to Murder: Alex Murdaugh has a May, 2023 release date. These are two multiple murder cases that you won't believe.

    My other books deal with creating businesses in the creative arts, how to have a life of abundance through confidence, and understanding what makes relationships work; and of course, fiction and non-fiction in the mystery/supernatural genre.

     I am a proud mother of four amazing sons, a mother-in-law to 3 beautiful daughters-in-law, and a grandmother to 9 enthusiastic grandchildren. I live in the beautiful foothills of the Colorado Rockies, where I indulge my love of boating, golf, and adventure.

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