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Watch for these new supernatural mystery thrillers, and non-fiction paranormal history books from Rebecca F. Pittman.


Paranormal History (Non-Fiction)


The History and Haunting of the Palace of Versailles                           











The History and Haunting of Salem:

The Witch Trials and Beyond                               












Supernatural Mystery Thrillers


When Shadows Walk    Coming Winter 2023

The Diamond Peacock Club    TBA

Hourglass     TBA


Juvenile/Adult Series


T.J. Finnel Anthology:


T.J. Finnel and the Well of Ghosts       Now on Sale!

T.J. Finnel and the Treblin's Secret     TBA

T.J. Finnel and the Archer's Arrow      TBA

T.J. Finnel and Harmon's Wood           TBA

T.J. Finnel and the Crone's Revenge    TBA











Now on Sale at Amazon!

Versailles cover.jpg


The History & Haunting of the Palace of Versailles.

I am thrilled to announce Book 6 in the History & Haunting series.  The Palace has granted permission for the book and they were gracious enough to allow me access to their historian.

Buckle up for not only the comprehensive history of the four King Louis's who called this magnificent palace home, but the heartbreaking story of Marie Antoinette and her haunted Petit Trianon.  A nod to Napoleon Bonaparte, who lived at the Grand Trianon on the palace grounds, is also included.

From inside sources comes the stories of opulence, scandal and betrayal.  No wonder ghosts of this incredible era still float along the gold gild hallways.

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