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How to Write a Ghost Story is an interactive on-line course for ages 8-13.  The five classes are one-hour a day, Monday-Friday, from 10:00 am-11 am, June 23-27.  They are conducted via Zoom and can be taken from anywhere there is an Internet connection.  The course is age appropriate, with a short break after 30 minutes.  Class size is 10-12 students.  Short video clips from famous parnarmal movies are included to underscore the course content.  The student will learn everything from character development, creating atmosphere and suspense, pacing, setting, dialogue, cliffhangers and twist endings.  At the conclusion of the course, the student may email me their completed story for a free analysis and suggestions.  

   The emphasis is on fun and learning valuable skills to go on and create polished, professional stories in any genre, but for now...let's write a ghost story!

   Rebecca F. Pittman

How To Write A Ghost Story! Ages 8-13

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  • Hello.  I'm Rebecca F. Pittman.  I'm a bestselling author and TV personality in the paranormal genre.  My History and Haunting series is regularly featured on TV, radio, and podcasts internationally.  I also create paranormal card games.  I'm very excited to offer this course to future R.L. Stines and J.K. Rowlings!

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