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or Audiobook.

Hi!  I'm Rebecca F. Pittman, bestselling author, radio and TV personality.  I want to teach you how to finally get that book you've slaved over out of the drawer and into the hands of thousands of readers.  It's easy, when you know how.  I'll teach you, with over 17 hours of step-by-step content you can watch at your own pace from the comfort of home.


Your book can be on Amazon and in bookstores within days!  Not years...DAYS!

And your bank account can grow just as fast!

    Let's Get Started!

Did you know that 82% of the population wants to write a book? That's a lot of people just like you who have this idea or passion that is dying to find its way onto the printed page and into the hearts of readers.  

Did you also know that only a handful of those 82% will actually take the steps to get their book into print?  That's like spending years obsessing over the car you've always wanted, shopping hundreds of dealerships, finally buying it and it's never left your garage.'re not going anywhere!

Most writers are afraid of failing.  What if I can't get published?  What if I DO get published and no one buys it?  What if they DO buy it and they write a bad review?  Shall we look at the flip side?  What if you DO get it published?  What if people DO buy it?  And, what if they LOVE IT and you go on to write more and more books?  Isn't that your dream?  Well, let me tell you...that's only a small part of what happens if you become a published author.  And it's all wonderful!

I was lucky enough to start out with a New York Publisher wanting my first book, How to Start a Faux Painting or Mural Business.  They published three more of my book titles before I discovered the world of self-publishing.  I jumped into that Publish On Demand pond and never looked back!  Now, with nine self-published books out there, I'm a bestselling author and appear regularly on radio and television programs, all because of the books.  I was invited to host my own TV Talk Show based on my book Troubleshooting Men, WHAT in the world do they want?  I'm also asked to lecture and consult.  I've made money co-editing others' books, and helping them create book covers and illustrations.  It's all here for you, and SO much easier than you can believe!  I also include interviews with famous authors who have been where you are and gone on to achieve their dreams.

I am offering something special with this course.  I will not only get you published, but I will promote your first book!  That's right.  You won't be thrown into the giant literary pond and left to fend for yourself.  I'll highlight your book on my website under my New Author Spotlight page that will be created just for my course graduates.  I will also post your book on my FB pages and send a Shout-Out cover piece in my newsletter.  For FREE!  I'm not just offering you a course.  I'm here to be your mentor and friend.  I want to see you succeed!

                                                 So...what's in the course? 

Self-Publish The Basics.jpg

HHow to Self-Publish Your Book, eBook, or Audiobook is a step-by-step guide to taking your manuscript to a completed book using self-publishing platforms like Amazon KDP and IngramSpark.  You will learn how to use their templates to either type or embed your manuscript into the necessary format needed.  I will teach you how to fill out the set-up for the publishing platforms, upload your manuscript, review it, and get it submitted.


    You will also learn how to create your own cover, or hire a professional.  We'll go over editing, creating the perfect title, using keywords and categories, getting reviews, linking up, what to charge for your book, the costs of publishing, and getting paid.  You will also learn why it's important to have a website, an author's page, and a blog.  Don't worry...I'll show you how!


    The course has separate categories for self-publishing your eBook.  You'll learn how to format, upload, review, price, and sell your eBook online.  Next, why are Audiobooks on the rise?  What equipment you can get to narrate your own book for under $300, or how to hire a narrator, and so much more.


Here is the Course breakdown:

Self-Publish Get Started.jpg

Module 1:  The Basics

  • Self-Publishing vs a Traditional Publisher

  • How Much Does Self-Publishing Cost?

  • Let's Find Your Target Market!

  • Your Title is SO Important!

  • A Great Cover Design is a MUST!  How-To!

  • Your Sales Description is Your Hook!  Let's Create One.

  • Let's Pick Out Your Category & Keywords

  • You Need a Website!  Getting Started.

Module 2:  The Make or Break Components

  • Today's Stats for Indie Books

  • We look at the Different Platforms for Self-Publishing

  • The Table of Contents is Important!

  • Editing Will Make or Break Your Book

  • Set-up Your Marketing Platform FIRST!

  • Creating An Email List Before You Publish

  • Let's Create Your Author's Page

  • Pre-Release or Not?

  • Offering Your Book in Other Languages

  • How to Get Reviews

  • How to Price Your Book

  • Getting Paid!

Module 3:  Print Books

  • Print vs eBook, or Why Not Both?

  • POD-The New Goliath!

  • Amazon KDP vs IngramSpark

  • Setting Up the Interior Manuscript

  • Creating Your Cover Design (Front, Back & Spine)

  • How to get an ISBN & Bar Code (Why You Should)

  • Step-by-Step Setup (Trim Size, Gutters, Font, Point Size, etc.)

  • Copyright Issues If You Hire Someone to Set-Up

  • How to Digitally Review Your MS For Errors 

  • Submitting It For Review.  How Long Before It Goes Live?

  • Link It Up!  To Your Website, Social Media, etc.

  • Getting It To The Top of Amazon's Page

Module 4:  eBooks

  • Why An eBook?  Popularity & Price Range

  • How to Format an eBook

  • Images for eBook:  copyright, volume, impact

  • eBook Platforms:  KDP, KOBO, etc.

  • Step-by Step Set-Up for eBooks on the Platforms

  • Kindle Unlimited: Yes or No?

  • Offering Free Samples

  • Creating Your Cover (You only need a front cover)

  • eBook Creators:  Scrivener, Vellum, etc.

Module 5:  Creating An Audio Book

  • Fastest Growing Segment

  • ACX For Audible

  • Copyright Concerns

  • Narrators Can Make or Break Your Audio Book

  • How To Find A Narrator Or Do It Yourself:  Royalties, Contracts, Choosing Audio Equiment

  • Production Schedules

  • Other Audio Platforms

  • The Money Side of Audio Books

The How To Self-Publish Your Book, eBook, or Audio Book offers over 17 hours of video and downloadable content. You will hear interviews from famous authors who started out just like you.  They will tell you their opinion on using a Traditional Publisher vs Self-Publishing.  You will learn the difference in royalties and time to market using these two platforms.  You'll also receive a Certificate for completing the course.

If you'd like to join the course and make 2020 the year you finally see your book in print, you can Pre-Order the class now.  You'll get all 17 hours of material, videos, interviews, & tips on succeeding right out of the gate for only

$147, if you pre-order now!  That's $50 off the course price of $197!

You can choose to use the installment plan

and make two payments of $73.50.

 One payment of $73.50 is due when you order, the second for the same amount is due January 5th, 2020.  You will be invoiced for the second payment.

* Please choose which of the two payment plans from the buttons below.

As a bonus for Pre-Ordering Now, I'll include a FREE course on If You're Not Writing What You're Passionate About, It Won't Sell!

This course will be offered online in its completed form on January 30, 2020.  Your Pre-Order reserves your spot.  This also makes an incredible gift to someone you know who has put their dream of being a published author on hold long enough.  We offer a Free gold-embossed Gift Certificate you can fill out & give to the recipient.  




Please see Marketing Bundle below before ordering!

Other Courses for Authors from

Rebecca F. Pitman

Self-Publish The Ripple Effect.jpg

The Power



Let's face it.  You can write the best book in the world, but if no one knows about it, it will get lost in the mass market abyss.  There are wonderful new ways to market and advertise your book...clever -ways...out-of the-box ways...FREE ways (not the interstate kind).  This course on The Power of Marketing: The Ripple Effect will give you insider secrets on amazing and unique ways to get your book noticed.  I've created several creative marketing ideas over the years that have resulted in free TV and radio exposure, quadrupled income, and increased book signings.

Here's what's in the course:

Module 1:  Marketing Mind Set

  • What Am I REALLY Selling?

  • My Target Audience  (Know this before you start)

  • Utilizing Your Website: Blog, Email Subscriptions, Newsletters, A Place to Showcase Your Media Appearances

  • The Power of Metadata

  • Free Media Tools For Marketing

  • Paid Advertising

  • Your Competition--Are They Really?

  • Build Your Brand!

  • Book Reviews & Algorithms

  • Do You Want Your Own Podcast?

Module 2:  Marketing Fiction

  • Best Selling Authors Are Prolific!

  • Series Writing

  • Your Fan Club

  • Content Marketing

  • Your Title is Your Hook!

  • Your Cover Design Must Include These Things!

  • Don't Copycat.  Your Authentic Voice Sells

  • Following a Trend is Not Always a Good Idea

  • Including Illustrations or No?

  • What Publishers & Readers are Wanting

Module 3: Marketing Non-Fiction

  • Is Your Book Needed or Wanted?

  • Keyword Specific Book Titles

  • Cover Design Is Just As Important for Non-Fiction

  • Email Lists & Funneling

  • Podcast, TV, Radio and Print Marketing

  • How to Get Free News Coverage

  • Video Marketing to Specific Audiences

  • Blogging Articles

  • Social Media Hits & Misses

  • Dominate Your Niche!

  • Dedicate Consistent Time to Spotlighting Your Work

  • Your Brand--Your Personality!

Module 4:  Marketing Secrets to Bring in the Big Bucks!

  • WAY Outside the Box!

  • If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get!

  • Tricks for FREE International Coverage

  • Trade Shows--Worth It?

  • Bundling with Add-Ons

  • Free Apps to Create Killer Ads

  • The Boomerang Effect of Sharing With Others

  • What's In It For Them?

  • YouTube & The Power of Imagery

  • Video Equipment for Under $50 To Shoot Your Own Ads

  • Why You Should Share Your Basement Moments

  • Book Signings & Public Speaking

The Power of Marketing:  The Ripple Effect is an online course with over 10 hours of video and downloadable content, not found anywhere else.  Included are interviews with famous authors who will share their insider secrets of what works for authors trying to get the word out, and what does not.


That's $35 off the $125 Launch Price that goes into effect next year when the course airs.


The Power of Marketing will be available online January 30, 2020.  Over 10 hours of content!  Watch anytime and from anywhere!  Makes a great gift for the author on your list. We offer a free gold-embossed Gift Certificate for the recipient.






If you bundle The Power of Maketing: The Ripple Effect with

How to Self-Publish Your Book, eBook, or Audiobook, you'll receive both courses for only $199 instead of  the $322 Launch Price when both courses air next year.  

    You can choose the two-payment installment plan of only $99.50 each.  The first payment of $99.50 is due at the time of order, the other payment of $99.50 will be invoiced to you on January 5, 2020.  


That's over 27 hours of content to help you become a successful author!  2020 is YOUR year.  It's time!



If you have questions, please email me.

Self-Publish Children.jpg

Have you always wanted to write a children's book?  This genre includes Juvenile Fiction, as well.  Writing for children is an entirely different mindset and approach than adult fiction.  Getting your book self-published also falls into a unique range of skills and creativity.

Fear not!  My online course will show you how to self-publish your children's book, step-by-step!  If you've put off going after your dream of becoming a successful Children's Book Author, it's time, don't you think?

This online course will be offered Summer of 2020.  If you're interested in more information, you can email me here:

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