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Haunted History Lizzie Borden Paranormal Card Game

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Based on the famous Borden double murder case of August 4, 1892, this Rummy-style card game offers you the chance to become a crime scene investigator and solve this mystery. Using actual photos, newspaper clippings, and evidence, you must outwit the killer and the restless spirits of the murder victims. Strategy is key here as the twists and turns build. Beware! The killer could escape and strike again! It's never the same game twice!

Based on Rebecca F. Pittman's bestselling book The History and Haunting of Lizzie Borden (featured on the Travel Channel, Fox 31, and Mysteries Decoded), we bring you new evidence from this infamous case.

The game contains 54 tarot-size cards, a vinyl playing mat and a 16-page instruction booklet. Makes a great gift for that mystery lover on your birthday or holiday list!

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