Following Your Passion

Greetings to all from snowy Colorado! We have a winter storm going on right now with already almost two feet of accumulation. It's times like this I appreciate my height. :)

As we head into Thanksgiving I thought it an appropriate time to comment on how grateful I feel to be able to follow my passion for writing. I know many of you write, or want to write, and it's one of those things that gets in your blood, isn't it? There's a wonderful line from the Prince of Tides when Tom is discussing his sister Savannah's desire to write. After their Mother burned Savannah's journals so she couldn't write anymore, Tom said, "She took her fingers, and she wrote in the sand. And then she wrote in the air."

That's how I feel. If I had to, I would write "in the air."

We all have stories inside us wanting to get out. And others want to hear our stories. It humanizes us, connects us, inspires, and educates. There are many other passions. I personally believe the desire to create seeps out of us in so many forms. From woodworking to gardening. So, I'm here on this snowy day in Colorado telling you, "Follow Your Passion!" If it's writing, write! If it's painting, paint! If it's making the best snickerdoodles ever created, bake! When you fill your life with passion, magic happens! It has to. It's a law.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you all for your support of my passions and your friendship.

Rebecca F. Pittman

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