It's Still America's Biggest Unsolved Mystery

August 4, 1892. A small town in Massachusetts, known only as a leading textile center, sits on the border of Rhode Island and lives out its days in the tedious routines of the late 1800s. Yet, the name Fall River has become inextricably linked with a double murder so heinous. so audacious, and so mysterious, that today, the name Lizzie Borden sends shivers.

After reading over 5,000 pages of trial transcripts, police reports, interviews, newspaper articles, and books on this incredible case, some very disturbing things have come to light. Is it possible Andrew and Abby Borden weren't the only ones targeted to die in that unassuming house on 92nd Street? How much did Bridget Sullivan, the maid, really know about Lizzie's movements that day? Bridget's entire inquest testimony was "lost," along with 9 pages of her Preliminary Hearing statements. Why? Were there prior attempts to kill the Bordens? What did the leaks to the newspapers of the day hint to? Why were the witnesses' stories changed?

This is a story that will leave you wondering "How in the world did the planets align that day in favor of the murderer?" It couldn't possibly have happened in the small window of time during which Andrew Borden's head was hacked 11 times with a hatchet, the weapon disposed of, all traces of evidence removed, and the murderer disappearing like a ghost in the night. But is it all as it seems? When the puzzle pieces are put together, whose face do we see holding that bloody hatchet?

The story of what really happened on that fateful morning in Fall River, Massachusetts, and the days leading up to it, will all unravel within the pages of my new book, The History and Haunting of Lizzie Borden. You will be witness to the trials, Lizze Borden's acquittal, and her life of isolation on "The Hill."

In the aftermath, Lizzie's expensive home, Mapelcroft, became the site of tauntings, dares, and children's rhymes. From her lace-clad windows, she watched as Fall River's citizens walked, or drove by, and pointed; whisperings of "the murderer" reaching her ears.

You'll also read about the hauntings going on today at the Lizzie Borden B&B.

It seems some crimes do leave a stain.

"Lizzie Borden: A woman with her face pressed up against the window of a world she could not enter."

Rebecca F. Pittman

Coming Fall 2016

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