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A Night at the Cemetery

by Rusty Judd

There was a cemetery that we went to behind a church in a town nearby.

While we were there all sorts of interesting things took place. We were

there with a group of our friends who used to go ghost hunting with us.


Someone took a picture. it may have been Dan, and in the flash he said,

"Wow! I

see one of those old-fashioned hearses that were drawn by horses. Did

anybody see that?" It was quite a ways away, a little bit up the hill from

where we were.


Later on, we were towards the back of the cemetery where it appeared

that it had at one time been a pathway or road.  I sensed a horse-drawn

carriage, like in a never-ending loop rushing up the road past

me. Another friend who was with us said, "Oh make sure I don't get run

over and let me know when it starts up again," jokingly.


A few minutes later, I yelled to her because she was about 50 feet away, to

move because you're about to be run over by the ghost carriage. In a split

second she was standing next to me. I said, "How the heck did you do that?"

She replied "do what?"


I said, "How did you go from 50 feet away to right next to me without

walking that distance?" She said, "I didn't! I walked it. It took me about 30

seconds to get to you." I said, "No, it didn't . You were over there and

then boom you were right next to me!"


That wasn't the only experience that we had there. There were large doors that

were mostly window that led to the Parish Hall.  As we were standing there

talking, we noticed faces appearing in the glass and they would keep

changing and some of those faces were not nice ones. It was the freakiest

thing and we all saw them.  We tried to take a picture and you can see the faces

in the picture but without being able to take a video you don't get the

effect of the faces dissolving and changing.


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