"Old houses and hotels keep secrets. Sometimes those secrets are quiet, sometimes, they are not."

--Rebecca F. Pittman



Rebecca F.


"To find the key to a compelling story
is to find a portal to worlds unknown."
                          --Rebecca F. Pittman

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The History and Haunting of the Myrtles
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The History & Haunting of the Palace of Versailles.
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Haunted History

Lizzie Borden Paranormal Card Game


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The History & Haunting of Lizzie Borden

from the Lizzie Borden B&B/Museum. 

Since 1892, the macabre story of Lizzie Borden has remained America's biggest unsolved murder case.  Now, for the first time, we uncover her secrets from that fateful August day.  How did she break the hatchet in such a way that has defied replication?  Who were the strange men visiting her father the week of the murders?  Where did she hide a blood-stained dress from the police for 3 days?  Lizzie's life after the murders is no less bizarre, and shows a mind steeped in fear, hatred, and darkness.

     Now on sale!   The History and Haunting of Lizzie Borden.  You will never look at this story in the same way again.

The History and

Haunting of Salem: The Witch Trials and Beyond

In 1692, a small hamlet in Salem, Massachusetts, was engulfed in witchcraft hysteria that resulted in the hanging of 19 people, one man being crushed to death, and several people perishing during their imprisonment.

That it all began with two small girls in a parishioner's household was only the beginning of what became one of America's most bizarre travesties.  Were there witches on broomsticks?  Was Satan holding secret meetings in the woods of Salem Villiage?  Was it superstition or something more heinous?

After years of research, Rebecca F. Pittman presents her findings on the events of 1692-1693, complete with photos, maps, interviews, and reports of the paranormal activity going on in the Salem area today.




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T.J. Finnel & Well of Ghosts

T.J. Finnel and his family are living next to Harmon's Wood, the most haunted woods in America. In the center of these trees sits an ancient well with secret symbols and pathways to worlds where constellations come to life--some good, some evil. Come join T.J., Mandolin Brandy & Twicket (a talking troll head walking cane) as they go in search of Lunar Potion, the Crone's eye, the Dark Orb and an ancient map. To find them, they must enter the Well of Ghosts.

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